Quatchi Merch Roundup #1

If you buy any Quatchi-related souvenir, this 13.5-inch plush Quatchi is the way to go. Though he comes in other sizes (the 4.5-inch keychain, the 8.5 incher, the 16.5 incher, and the 38-inch monster), the 13.5-inch Quatchi was the first one released, and it’s also the one we’ve had the longest (thanks, Joe!). For the record, we also have the keychain (though we snipped off the keyring and clasp) and an 8.5 incher, and we love them all… Still not convinced? Here’s what people are saying about ’em on the official Olympic Store site…

joeg1229 from Comox B.C.: This purchase was for my wife, now that she has the Quatchi, I will get the set for her. It say’s this is Canadian.

Dominique from Ontario: I’ve taken Quatchi with us to the zoo, a karaoke bar, the local mall, restaurants, etc and all my friends love him too! I’m 26 and love Quatchi!

ManicRover from Calgary: Makes a great gift and well constructed enough to survive even the roughest child.

meow from Vancouver: I use it as a Christmas gift to my niece, she loves it & was hugging it all the time even asleep. It’s great because of the good quality & soft. SHe particularly love the earmug.

Quatchi from Calgary: Couple loose threads on ear muffs, and seems, and he shed a bit when my baby bit/sucked on him, so I had to watch that – but seemed well made over-all.

Joe the Snowboarder from Victoria: The earmuffs come apart easily where they join his head and we have had to sew them back on twice in three months. He is my favourite and I highly recommend buying one.

Ico181 from Surrey, BC: Quatchi’s fur falls out constantly and he isn’t sewn very well. For [$] I would have expected more quality!

4 eyes from Vancouver: My 8 month old son loves it, but then again he also likes anything shiny, scrap pieces of paper and spatula’s. It does have a plastic nose on it, not a stitched one, so you might not consider it child safe depending on the destructiveness of your child. The nose seems to be on there pretty good.

cookie from Vancouver: nice product different design however cute. should have a press button for a voice…more interactive.

the devster from Surrey, BC: its awsome and will go up in value up in value after the olympics

Jenny from Seattle: This last year my sister passed away and I purchased the plush stuffed animal online to comfort one of our friends who we share many happy Whistler memories with. It reminded us of wonderful skiing/ snowboarding experiences and helped us get through the tragic loss of my sister.

Annie M from Vancouver: Very happy with Quatchi. He sits and watches TV with us.

SasquatchNerd from Linwood, Ontario: Sumi always sits on top of the record player in my bedroom while I am sleeping. My Mom needed to repair a loose seam on Sumi’s neck.

Sumi!? Okay, so they weren’t all raves, but close enough.

The other essential is this book:

Miga, Quatchi and/et Sumi: The Story of the Vancouver 2010 Mascots/ L’Histoire des Mascottes de Vancouver 2010 is a bilingual storybook packed with killer Meomi illustrations. Though the mascots’ origin stories here don’t entirely parallel those in Meomi’s introductory cartoon, we highly recommend it nonetheless… Still not convinced? Here’s what people are saying about it on the official Olympic Store site…

Olympic Mascots Lover from San Jose, CA: This book it wroth to buy. I love it and my childern did to.Thats all I can ssay, GREAT!

Nanny Nishi from Richmond, BC: Those who could read, did so and thought it very good. My olderst grandchild read to the little ones and they all loved it.

Jack from Vancouver: My wife and I bought this as a Christmas gift for a 10-year-old cousin in Malaysia and he was thrilled to get it, amazed at the fascinating “creatures” we have roaming the streets of Canada.

Sue from Fairfield, CT: If you are buying any of the mascots, you must buy this book. It explains who they are.

Were these reviews helpful to you? Yes/No.

— Steve


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