Your Attention Please: Quatch Watch!

That’s right, Quatch [sic] Watch, as in this blog!

We’re happy to see that at least one other blogger out there loves Quatchi as much as we do, as it’s the only other active, dedicated Quatchi blog we know of.

Sam says she started Quatch Watch for a Vancouver friend who gave her a Quatchi plush as a birthday present, while Sam’s boyfriend came up with the blog’s name. Though the similar names of our respective blogs is coincidental, Sam was savvy enough to launch her blog a few weeks before we launched ours.

So, what is Quatch Watch? It’s basically photos of Sam’s plush “Q” in various scenarios, like visiting the Grand Canyon…

…playing the Scrabble Page-a-Day Calendar…

…wandering in the snow…

…and wearing funny mustaches…

As for our own blog, we originally wanted to do it on Blogger, but in another coincidence, Blogger’s Quatchi Watch URL was already taken. It’s by someone who’s “angry about excess of the 2010 Olympic Games,” and urges readers to “do something” about it. So far, the only thing they’ve done is one measly post, and that was back in August.

Anyway, if there are any other Quatchi blogs out there, we’d love to see ’em!

— Steve


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